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The best quality publishing and marketing is utilised on all our products delivering your content in prestine quality.



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Published on Paper On Line and even available on Demand anywhere your customers are; we deliver it better.


What We Do?

We are the specialists in delivering your advertisement content to high valued customers around the world.

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Biggest Exposure

Our target is to deliver your advertisement & content to over 1 Billion People.

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Printed & Online

Online & Printed magazine allows intimate distribution as well as a long lasting impression.

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Fresh Content

Every 6 months new content will be delivered through our publication & will be distributed freely.

Have You Seen our Distribution?

We distribute the Print magazine to various potential exposure high places from Airport Lounges to Hospital waiting areas in Europe.

project 1

Airport Lounges

LocationEurope & Emirates
DistributedJuly and December
ExposureApprox. 150 Million People per year

We will deliver our publication to airport lounges in major airports in Europe and Emirates. The total combined travellers from the listed airports are by far more than half of the travellers in the world.

project 2

Airline Inflight

DistributedJuly and December
ExposureApprox. 200 Million People per year

At the moment we are having talks with major airlines in order to make available our magazines on board inflight, we expect to deliver your content as soon as it gets published on all major international airlines.

project 3


DistributedJuly and December
ExposureApprox. 50 Million People per year

Our publication will be delivered to all major food chains with lounges and other top coffee houses within europe.

project 4


DistributedJuly and December
ExposureApprox. 16 Million People per year

Our publications will be distributed to NHS hospitals in UK and other major European hospitals, upon approval made available in the visitors area and waiting area of the hospitals.

project 5


DistributedJuly and December
ExposureApprox. 250,000 People per year

Some hand picked and customer frequented travel related european offices will have our magazine delivered to be made available for people visiting the offices.

project 6

Shopping Malls

DistributedJuly and December
ExposureApprox. 70 Million People per year

The publication will be distributed to all major shopping malls and main kiosks in Europe.

project 7

Train Stations

DistributedJuly and December
ExposureApprox. 15 Million People per year

The Publication will delivered to be made available free to read for passangers travelling in major train services in europe.

project 8


DistributedJuly and December
ExposureApprox. 1 Million People per year

Our publication will be distributed to main hair saloons within Europe to be made freely available for customers.

project 9

Cruise Lines

DistributedJuly and December
ExposureApprox. 1.5 Million People per year

Top Cruiseline operators will recieve copies of the publication to be made available for passangers onboard.

  • project 1

    Airport Lounges

    Major European Airports

  • project 2

    Airline Inflight

    Major Airlines

  • project 3


    Popular Joints in Europe

  • project 4


    Waiting Areas in Hospitals

  • project 5


    Selected Lounges in Offices

  • project 6

    Shopping Malls

    Selected Malls in Europe

  • project 7


    Inside Trains & Rails

  • project 8


    Selected Stylist Saloons

  • project 9

    Cruise lines

    Major Cruise ships

Who We Are?

We are a team of international marketing experts and gurus wishing to reform the travel advertisment industry with a traditional touch.

team 1


Distribution Office

One of our main distribution offices is located in UK primarily focusing on the western european distribution.

team 1



Distribution offices for eastern europe as well as quality control team for the print magazine is located in Belgium.

team 1



The main distribution unit for all airlines and airline lounges in the world.

About Us

We are an international advertisement and PR network working to promote destinations worldwide.

Ad Exposure

  • Airport Lounges

  • Hotels & Restaurants

  • InFlight

  • Others

We're Hiring

If you think you have the capacity and the potential to work in our team as distributors and graphic designers please send us your details to get listed for an interview within your region. At the moment we are looking for regional partners in Europe for handling and distributing our magazine to our subscribers.

We do not charge anything from readers for the content and the magazine is distributed for free anywhere in the world.

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What our Clients Say?

some excerpts from clients who have used our services

"The advertisement you made for our company is excellent and we wish to work with you on all of our future projects. Once again Thank you so much"

client 1 Elmas FnB Client

"With your prompt service we managed to put out all our products on display in a very short time. we are very thankful for your entire team and the quality service you provided for us"

client 2 MegaTrip Client

"If it wasnt for your effective marketing strategy our business would have been failed by now. Thank you so much and We would surely recommend you to all our partners."

client 3 Excalibur Client

"Perfection is Achieved Not When There Is Nothing More to Add, But When There Is Nothing Left to Take Away"

Some Businesses we send our publications


The following are the prices for the year 2015 July and December publications.


  • $7000
  • Front/Back Cover
  • Full Spread
  • Glossy Page


  • $4000
  • Inside Flaps
  • Full Spread
  • Glossy Page


  • $2500
  • Content Page
  • Full Page
  • Special Content Page

We Offer Custom Plans. Contact Us For More Info.

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